Epitome Of Illusions


1. Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares (5:35)
2. Eve Of Midnight (7:40)
3. Path Of Ice (6:19)
4. Sources To Agonies (4:15)
5. Solace Of The Shadows (6:56)
6. The Black Heart's Nirvana (10:27)
7. Phantasmagorial Dreams (Bonus) (6:22)
8. Arctic Odyssey (3:45)

1. Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares

This night belongs to us
My dear Princess of Death
We have a destiny together
As we meet in hungry caress
A deadly kiss under moonlit sky
As I stare into thy dark and hollow eyes
You take me down where cold silence dwell
Unconscious Darkness
Realms of demise
You are born at my grace to serve only me
Blood paint on the wall is the
Ancient dream I recall
Predictions in rainstorm
As tears darkred cascade
In cryptic depths of imprisoned rage
Where I succumbed to temptation
In the laughter of cruel gods
Demonic wrath and devastation
A monstrous energy demands
To be set free
Frigid evil games black art and blashemy
Prophecies in blood
A deadly kiss
Unto darkened bliss
We have a gift of shining
By knowing the history
Behind obscure mysteries
The mysterious
Source of true art
And experience

2. Eve Of Midnight

Join us for a dance
With the dead
A ceremonial requiem
For the gods
When the moon
Is drained by all its light
On burial ground
We gather in the night
Burning candles, incantations
Witches Sabbath with unholy craft
Screams and laughter pierce the air
Like a haunting chant
Through the atmosphere
The dance is held to the end
When the shades of darkness transcend
Beside the ancient lake beneath the spelling
Across the fields of hallow tombs
Join us, walk among us
Mysticus Magus Manifesto
Spectaculum Motuus
We are they who adore the vast midnight skies
Where the stars they shines like serpent eyes
We'll free thy soul from its chain
Arrive with thunderstorms and rain
From the darkest abyss
Graveland unfolds
Oh hear the distant echoes call
The eve of midnight a host supreme
Open thy world unseen
Eve of midnight
He who holds the Book of Sights
Shall be the Ruler of the Night

3. Path Of Ice

Journey into your darkest secrets
Feel the burning flame inside
Admit the ecstasy of the extreme
Just close the eyes
And enjoy the override
When we adrift through the sensual streams
The enchanting pains are so divine
There are thorns everywhere
But along the path of ice
Roses blooms above
Blood is the rose
Of mysterious unions
The symbol of potency
A taste of erotic sins of lust
The entrance to immortality
There are such sights to see
Adventures and pleasures to feel
The dormant seeds of suffering
The art of mortal flesh that bleed
Indulged in desire,
The forbidden soul empire
Path of Ice
The entrance to immortality
Cold winds pierce through me
As my darkstar unfolds
I ascend the throne of fantasies
Where the beautiful abyss recalls

4. Sources To Agonies

Through the mirror of the soul
I'm staring deep within
TO see what dwells behind the wall
The beauty of pale skin
The aura that surronds me
Is not of noble kind
The blackness of the heart
Is all that's left to find
A dark river runs
Silent through my life
Like a floating nemesis
A dark shadow of
What used to be
Drifts now in lifeless misery
Live only yo witness
What I've become
Midnight is my shallow home
Soon to enter at last
Deed of mine
I'm forced to follow
The streaming bloodline
When the wine of life is shed
And dark cosmic space consume
I bring the memories back from the dead
Sources to agonies
A devouring monsoon

5. Solace Of The Shadows

I require the solace of the shadows
So the night can be redeemed
As the winds of darkness whispers my name
A kiss of death I receive
Nocturnal enchanter to thy art I yield
With the candlelight a rapture is sealed
I set the stones, for invoking ceremonies
In the twilight zones arise abstract galaxies
The magic eye unveils the blackened skies
A new horizon begins to each one that dies
The desolation makes me feel...
So dark, so cold, the silence
So dark, so cold, the emptiness
Solace of the shadows
Night surrounds and embraces me
Darkness holds the secrets of Man's fears
It captures my heart as the purgatory sears
I cast now the spell as I cross through raging flames
Into darkness cursing names
I require the solace of the shadows
So the night can be redeemed
Nocturnal enchanter to thy art I yield
Within the candlelight the rapture is now revealed

6. The Black Heart's Nirvana

Hallowed be the darkness that coronates my soul
Deep within its shelter
I seek my highest goals
I shall release what is conquered
From which that I now possess
All lifeforce is abandoned
Into the arms of Death
Beyond the great dark adventures
In the streams from the vast mysteries
Limbonic spheres enclose me
My star is the death of memories
I dwell in a mournful symphony
As I prepare for the cosmic funeral
The body yearns for dormancy
My spirit awaits to be set free
The Black Vanity I'm romancing
Within the obscurity
I've found my rest where cold emotions reign
And evil dreams of desultory
Through lifetimes I've reached for the candle
In search for the legends of time
'Cause how many moments
Isn't a century
When everything dies behind the eyes
'Cause how many moments
Isn't a century
When everything inside just dies...

7. Phantasmagorial Dreams (Bonus)

8. Arctic Odyssey


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